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Key Features Overview

Wage Easy is set to surpass traditional payroll and HR expectations and guide you into the future - an easy, user friendly, technologically advanced system. From simple contracts to complex awards and enterprise bargaining agreements, from a small business with 10 employees to a multinational company with 5000 employees, Wage Easy Payroll is your intelligent human resource and payroll management solution.


System Overview

Wage Easy is designed to minimise the administrative cost of payroll and human resource information processing, with its unique self-updating award interpreter. This means that Wage Easy can automatically and accurately calculate pay slips for all conditions of employment ranging from simple casual arrangements to extensive 24-hour-a-day operations.

Easy Wage Processing

Once you have set up the employee files, you just load the start and finish times, and the wages are done - the pay slip, including penalty payments, superannuation, allowances - the works, all done automatically.

Human Resource Management Facilities

Wage Easy has a comprehensive array of HR management features and eliminates the need for paper based employee files. In addition to the standard identifying and contact information, Wage Easy has the ability to track training, language skills and periodic reviews. Paper documents can be scanned and stored along with any other images, links can be created to other documents or files on system, and you can design and add custom fields to employee files.

Payroll and HR Integration

The payroll and human resource facilities are fully integrated in Wage Easy, which really simplifies your employee management. Employee leave can be monitored in many categories, such as annual, sick, long service, accrued days off, family, study, other, and event tracking time off without pay to name just a few. 

The pay slips are calculated on the basis of predefined conditions established in the employee files. All past pay slips, allowance and group certificate information can be viewed directly from the employee files or accessed by drilling down on reports.

Management Reports

The reporting features in Wage Easy are unsurpassed in terms of breadth of information and easy of use. With a large number of predesigned reports that cover the full range of payroll, administration and management roles are supplied with Wage Easy.

Standard management reports cover such areas as employee leave, departmental costing, job costing and accurate daily costing. If you have a specific reporting need that is not covered by the standard reports, it is easy to design and save your own custom made reports. The flexible date range, graphical presentation, multiple export formats, and on screen drilldown reporting features available on many reports will improve your ability to analyse and manage your business.

Flexibility with Control

Many thoughtful design features gives you total control. There are no limits placed on the number of bank accounts, unions, employees ,superannuation funds, allowanced, awards, tax scales, pay periods and pay rates. All employee files, award files, intranet facility and reports can be customised. Pay slips can be produced in seconds from either direct timesheet entry or when linked to a time and attendance system.

In addition, complex tasks are made simple by use of Wizards, drop-down lists, incremental searching, one button internet interaction, multiple choice options, context sensitive location screen help, and intuitive Windows design. Repetitive and time consuming tasks are reduced by the ability to copy existing data, and controlled automation.

Accounting Integration

Wage Easy also integrates with most leading accounting packages to provide general ledger postings. This ensures your organisations benefits from all the functionality of a specialist SME payroll HR solution whilst avoiding the need to manually process journals into your accounting system following each payroll processing. Supported accounting systems include Advanced Business Manager (ABM), MYOB, MYOB Exonet, QuickBooks, SAP Business One and Sybiz (please note this list is not exhaustive). Export to CSV for import to other systems is also supported.

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