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e-commerce.jpgDesigned for companies looking to promote and sell their products or services online, ABM’s ecommerce module creates an intuitive web site easily tailored to a range of business scenarios. It allows businesses to define how they trade with existing and potential customers, by showcasing products and providing a smooth channel for customer purchases.

The resulting website handles both account and retail type customers, as well as branch offices and remote sales staff, all with accounting database integration.

The dedicated ecommerce solution for ABM provides all the answers for online sales and order entry with full accounting integration.

Templates & Hosting

The ABM ecommerce site can be setup to look and feel like your existing website ensuring transparency for site visitors. Templates can also be edited as required so as to update the site look without needing to perform a major revamp of the site. The online shop can be hosted internally or on an external web server.

ABM_Ecommerce_DemoSite.pngMessage Centre

The Message Centre provides a system for communication with customers via email, linking them back into the web site. This includes email confirmations, which can be sent automatically to customers and administrators when orders are received.

Product Displays

Classify products within defined groups in multiple levels, and empower customers with a rapid product search for fast access. Product displays can include fields from the inventory database, such as stock availability, and includes a ‘special’ pricing facility.

Web Traffic Monitoring

Monitor web traffic by user group, date range and type of activity. Compare customers and guest users, view total ‘hits’ for a nominated period, monitor the number and value of orders placed or track individual users and the functions they mostly access.

Secure payments, offline payments or account orders

ABM ecommerce enables secure payments online through a number of gateways, support for offline payment acceptance or orders being submitted by account customers.

Accounting Integration

Create a dynamic website that automatically reflects changes in the underlying financial database. Information, such as pricing and inventory, is communicated bilaterally between website and accounting system, preventing the need to maintain a separate internet database.

Business to Consumer Features

  • Customer login accounts

  • Track customer usage and purchase value

  • Define information access per customer group

  • Automatic freight calculation for orders

Business to Business Features

  • Orders posted directly to customer accounts

  • Specific pricing per customer

  • Define regular orders for future purchases

  • Online account, invoices and order queries

  • Maintain multiple user logins and privileges

Business to Employee Features

  • Remote staff access to customer information

  • Detailed product enquiries including stock status

  • Quick order facility for remote sales or invoice entry

  • Web browser accessible, ideal for staff on the move

Demonstration Videos

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