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Personalised Mail, Email, SMS & Fax

Legrand CRM includes full mail merge functionality to support the generation of personalised letters, faxes, emails and SMS. Templates can be easily established and can be embedded with any number of CRM field merge codes.

Personalised communications can also be used in conjunction with other modules such as an out bound email offer managed through the campaigns module, generating a proposal document within the sale opportunities module or generating communications relevant to a job/service issue.

Merge functions can be used to generate personalised communications to any number of contacts as well as being used as a basis for communications. The later means that a template can be established such as a standard proposal template. The merge process will personalise the base document for the relevant contact and attach the new merged document into CRM subsequent to which the proposal can be refined as required.

Online Email Integration

ABA_Emailer_Logo.pngThe Legrand CRM email merge functions makes it simple to establish templates and generate personalised communications such as special offers or newsletters directly from CRM. In some cases using an online email system is warranted particularly when sending to large numbers of contacts and/or if email campaign reporting is desirable.

To facilitate this ABA have developed integration for Legrand CRM to a leading Australian email marketing system. This solution with the integration to Legrand CRM is named eMailer. The system includes the ability to send personalised emails as within Legrand CRM however the emails as distributed via the system servers alleviating the need for emails to be sent through your own servers. Emails as still delivered as if you had sent them from your own system. 

Another powerful functionality enabled through eMailer is the ability to track email sends including how many people open the email, click-through, bounce and unsubscribe rates. eMailer includes an extensive range of additional features including social media integration. The link with Legrand CRM enables selected contacts to be uploaded to the eMailer and a record of all emails sent as well as unsubscribe actions is recorded back into CRM.

More information is available here or by contacting us.

SMS for Legrand CRM

This specialist module for Legrand CRM enables personalised general SMS messages to be sent to contacts as well as appointment reminders. The module is simple to use and uses our wholesale SMS sending service making it a cost effective solution as well.

More information is avaliable here or by contacting us.