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QuoteWerks Link

QuoteWerksLogo.pngQuoteWerks is a leading quote generation package used by over 50,000 users in more than 100 countries. Designed with a key emphasis on being able to quickly produce quotes in a system that is easy to used yet provides an enormous depth of features (for example advanced document layout management, tracking revisions, dynamic entry).

For users of QuoteWerks this utility provides an integrated solution with Legrand CRM.

Key Features

bullet-point.png Operates in the background utalising the QuoteWerks API - the link application starts with QuoteWerks and as required presents options to offer Legrand CRM integration (such as selecting a CRM contact for a new quote)

bullet-point.png Within QuoteWerks, contact/company lookups are tied to Legrand CRM. Selection of a record populates the document in QuoteWerks with the address and contact details stored in CRM.

bullet-point.png When saving a QuoteWerks document an activity note in   Legrand CRM is created including a link to open the document.

bullet-point.png Ability to click custom menu option in Legrand CRM which opens a new QuoteWerks document pre-populated with the select contact and company details.

ABA is an authorised QuoteWerks distributor and development partner. Please contact us for any information about QuoteWerks and/or integration with Legrand CRM.


Extension Solutions

Looking for more information on QuoteWerks?

Visit our QuoteWerks product page for more information on the product including demonstration videos, feature details and screenshot walkthroughs.

Quote functions also available within Legrand CRM

Legrand CRM includes a quotes module. Visit the quotation feature page for further details and feel free to contact us to discuss the various quote solutions available for use with Legrand CRM.