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Sales Opportunities & Pipeline Management

Legrand CRM provides a structured approach to tracking your opportunities, managing and reporing on the sales pipeline. The opportunities module allows users to create, manage and analysis sales opportunities.

Whilst extremely flexible in how the module is used, the core function is based on the following steps...

1. Creating & defining a sale opportunity - specifying the primary contact/company, opportunity type, account manager, estimated value and other classifications (using the user definable data fields).

2. Tracking works involved in converting opportunity - activity notes (recorded letters, emails, phone calls and alike), calendar events and tasks associated with the opportunity.

3. Tracking contacts influencing the opportunity - linking in other contacts potentially influencing the decision making process (e.g. other employees, external consultants, competitors or alike). 

4. Progressing/regressing the opportunity through the sales stages - users are able to setup any number of sales processes each with their own sales stages (most likely used for different product/services e.g. for a builder a different process for a new house opportunity than for a renovation opportunity). Each process can have any number of sales stages through which the opportunity is progressed/regressed as required. As an example sales stages could include; initial enquiry, confirmed prospect, demonstration, quotation, finalisation and closure)

5. Closing off the opportunity - record the close off of an opportunity be it won, lost or no-sale outcome.

 bullet-point.png Manage opportunities and ensure leads are followed up

 bullet-point.png Measure effectiveness, conversion rates and other key performance indicators (KPI's)

 bullet-point.png Track activities involved in lead conversion (all communications, documents, tasks and appointments relating to the opportunity)

 bullet-point.png Report on specific opportunity criteria e.g. by product/service type or account manger

bullet-point.png Quickly analyse forecasted sales based on quantity and sales stage

Opportunity Analysis & Reporting

The opportunity pipeline can be analysed any time, obviously subject to what data a user is allowed to access be it their own records, departmental/local records or all records. The analysis function allows users to effortlessly extract summarised information and graphically display the number of opportunities at each stage as well the projected revenues of these opportunities by stage.

Not only can you quickly produce a graphical analysis of current sales opportunities, you can segment this analysis by Account Manager and/or by either of the two user-fields that are at your disposition. The resulting graph can be exported to Microsoft Word with a single mouse-click. Sales reports have never been easier to generate!

Still, analysing current sales opportunities is not enough. Much can be learned from what has happened in the past.

By capturing the outcome of every sales opportunity Legrand CRM enables you to analyse past sales opportunities. You can compare the Won/Lost/No Sale outcomes over a period of months and segment this analysis by Account Manager and/or by any of the user fields. For instance, this can be used to compare the Won/Lost ratios for every sales territory in, say, the last six months.