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The quote module of Legrand CRM enables the generation of quotes and serves a wide range of practical applications. Linked to various accounting systems and also capable of operating independently the module provides CRM users with the ability do create, manage and report on quotes.

Key features include;

  • Easy to use quote generation including the ability to insert various quote line types such as products, text lines and sub-totals 

  • Can be used as a standalone module or within opportunities (i.e. generate quotes for a particular sales opportunity)
  • Automatic revision tracking

  • Flexibility of unlimited templates which can be customised from standard single page style quotes to detailed proposal templates featuring multiple pages such as a cover letter, quotation details and terms/conditions

  • Integrated to ABM, Exonet and Reckon/QuickBooks (desktop version) accounting systems including product import functions and ability to convert a CRM quote to a sales order in the accounting system

Exploring the main quote generation screen...

Further screenshots showing the quotes listing within the opportunities module.

Users also have the option to use the email button to initiate a new email on a personalised template with the quote document attached.