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Accounting Integration

Integration CRM with your accounting system is often not something considered as a possibility when exploring CRM solutions. A unique and extremely powerful feature within Legrand CRM is the ability to support two way integration with leading accounting packages. This makes your CRM system not another silo of data but part of an integration business system encompassing CRM, accounting and MS Office. Functionality is explored below but consider the ability to review accounting data such as sales values and outstanding balances live within CRM without having to lookup a record in your accounting package. Legrand CRM also supports the ability to change core information on a record such as an address or phone number and have this change reflected in your accounting package. Another powerful feature is the ability to setup a new customer account in your accounting package from Legrand CRM such as when a prospect decides to make a purchase.

The accounting system integration of Legrand CRM maximises the effectiveness of your contact management system through enabling users to seamlessly share information between the two systems.

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Accounting Integration Features

bullet-point.png Import company/contact records from the accounting system to aid CRM integration

bullet-point.png Simply create company/contact records in one system from the other (either direction)   

bullet-point.png Access and search on key financial information within Legrand   

bullet-point.png View transaction listings within Legrand CRM   

bullet-point.png Import  product/service purchase data (QuickBooks & ABM)   

bullet-point.png Financial data and integration functions are protected by administrative user permissions 

bullet-point.png Enable users to see some accounting system data without necessarily providing them access to login to accounts package

The financial relationship with customers is an important facet of any business relationship. Legrand CRM links with accounting systems; thereby enabling all CRM users to have current information about the accounting status of every customer.

The unqiue accounting integration provided by Legrand CRM enables two key functions;

Create and update both companies and contact between the accounting and CRM system. For example, a prospect that exists in Legrand may now be a customer that will be billed, users can click a button an instantly create the company/contact in the accounting system thus avoiding double entry.

Display financial information to CRM users enabling users to have a complete view of a company in one system. Equally users without access to the accounts system can see information such as sales history and outstanding balances.

By having key financial summaries on each customer available in the CRM database, your front office staff can see at a glance what a Customer's accounting status is and can better respond to any enquiry without needing full access to the accounting system. For instance, if a customer rings in to enquire why his/her shipment hasn't arrived you could tell immediately from Legrand CRM that the customer is on shipment-hold because payment is overdue.

Depending on your accounting system, some or all of the following features are available through the Legrand CRM accounting link:

bullet-point.png Import financial summaries from the accounting system

bullet-point.png Import customer accounts from the accounting system into Legrand CRM

bullet-point.png Create new customer accounts in the accounting system from Legrand CRM

bullet-point.png Update customer address details in the accounting system from Legrand CRM

bullet-point.png Update customer address details in Legrand CRM from the accounting system

bullet-point.png 'Live' access to the list of customer sales, with drill-down into invoices (QuickBooks & ABM only)

Click image to zoom - screenshot showing Exonet item purchase details within Legrand CRM

Supported Accounting Packages

Legrand CRM currently integrates to the following accounting packages:

bullet-point.png Advanced Business Manager (ABM) bullet-point.png Reckon/QuickBooks
bullet-point.png MYOB AccountRight & Premier bullet-point.png Pastel 
bullet-point.png MYOB Exonet bullet-point.png Sybiz 

Additional MYOB Exonet Integration

MYOB_Exonet_BoxPicture.jpgIf your organisation uses MYOB Exonet we also have a range of options available to extend the integration between Legrand CRM & Exonet. Some examples include automating record changes between the two systems (for example automatically change account manager in Exonet if changed in CRM), displaying additional Exonet data within CRM and importing purchase data (such that it can be leveraged for marketing purposes).

Many other advanced integration options are also available and these can easily be customised to suit your specific requirements. 

More information on some of these options can be explored here and feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Quotes within Legrand CRM with accouting integration

New in 2012 is the ability to generate quotes within Legrand CRM. Quotes are based on a product/service list which can be imported from your accounting system. Please note that features associated with accounting system integration vary based on the package however quote functions include;

bullet-point.png ability to link to opportunity and customer service/job records

bullet-point.png manage any number of revisions with full history of changes

bullet-point.png generate quotes onto personalised templates

bullet-point.png generate successful quote as sales order into accounting package (QuickBooks & Exonet)

Details on the quotation functions can be explored here.

Accounting system not listed?

Even if your accounting package is not listed there are a number of options avaliable to support integration to Legrand CRM. Options include CSV data import or more advanced intgration such as using Legrand's custom menu options to display data from external systems from within the main program (ABA have a utility that provides this).

In addition, custom development also presents an option to provide integration between Legrand CRM and your accounting pacakge; feel free to contact us to discuss.