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Introducing QuoteWerks

QW_4MinIntro.jpgQuoteWerks is specialised software used in every industry for creating sales quotes and proposals. Rather than using Microsoft® Word® or Excel® to create your quotes and proposals, you can benefit from a tool that is specialised for the task of creating quotes and proposals.

QuoteWerks fits into your existing environment of software. It works with the software that you store your customer information including Legrand CRM, Outlook and a number of other CRM packages. QuoteWerks also has its own built-in contact database.

You can easily import your product information into QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks can link to product database sources like Excel spreadsheets, text files, or if you are in the IT industry, Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, D&H and more.

You can also just type product information directly into the quote. If you use QuickBooks or Peachtree, QuoteWerks can even quote products that you have stored directly from these systems and when an quote is accepted it can be seamlessly generated as an order. For users of other accounting packages, integration can also be established through the ability to read inventory information from any ODBC data source.

QuoteWerks has been empowering businesses for over 18 years - increasing their productivity and closing more sales by simplifying and speeding up their price quoting/proposal processes in the office and on the road.

Why do I need it?

Have you ever asked yourself "How long does it take to create a quote or proposal?"

If you take the time to really think about it you begin to realize what a time-consuming, daunting task it is. That's probably why most of us procrastinate getting those quotes out to our customers.

Just grazing the surface, you need to find the products, services, prices, descriptions, call your vendors for updated pricing, type it all into the quote, format the quote, e-mail it to your customer and then follow up with your customer. QuoteWerks will make you more efficient, more consistent, more professional, and more competitive. The content of your quote and how you present your quote is important. The quote represents not only what you are selling, but is also an extension of your company brand and image.

First impressions are important; they can make or break deals. The quicker you can get that quote into your customers hands the better chance you have of winning their business.
Using QuoteWerks, you can "go the extra mile" for your customers - without all the legwork!

Bottom line; If you want to save time and money when quoting, selling, ordering, and purchasing products and services you need QuoteWerks.

Who uses it?

QuoteWerks is used in almost every industry by over 64,000 users worldwide in over 101 countries. Whether your company is a small 1-person company or 500+ employee company, you can benefit from the increase in productivity QuoteWerks provides.

This cross industry adoption of QuoteWerks is made possible by the core design of QuoteWerks which adheres to the fundamentals of the quoting process. This core design has contributed to its ability to be a useful tool for any industry that has a need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services.

Of the hundreds of industries QuoteWerks customers are in, customers that heavily adopt the package are IT Solution Providers, VARs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), AV/Security Integrators, Custom Integrators, Manufacturers, and Manufacturer Reps.

QuoteWerks customers use the package to quote a wide variety of products including clothing, office products, electronics, medical equipment, irrigation equipment, landscaping, industrial equipment, trucks, and more.

What does it cost?

QuoteWerks has three editions to provide a rough guide as to how extremely cost effective the package is, the Professional (middle) edition starts from approximatley $280 (exclusive of GST and subject to variations in US dollar).

Some customers ask "Is that price monthly?". No, it is just a one-time purchase. Licenses are sold per concurrent user, not per named user.

Ensuring to be upfront, please note that this does not include consulting services to assist with setup, installation and training however QuoteWerks is predominately a turn-key solution so assistance in most cases is minimal. Annual update costs also need to be factored into cost of ownership although these are also extremely cost effective.

If those prices seem too inexpensive for how robust and extensive QuoteWerks is, it is through volume of 64,000 users that makes it possible for to keep the prices affordable for all users.