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ABA Workflow Engine

WorkflowAutomation.jpgThe ABA Workflow engine is a solution that offers powerful functions to automate business processes. 

The engine enables organisations to automate and streamline common functions. The engine is extremely flexible in how it can be configured supporting any number of workflows as well as a wide range of different actions.

The key principle is being able to automatically initiate an action when an predefined event occurs. Described as an engine as there is such a range of applications for this solution. 

Some examples of what the workflow engine can support and what the solution has been deployed to perform for some of our clients;

bullet-point.png Automatically send appointment booking confirmation email when a new event is created - for new client bookings an automated email is dispatched with appointment confirmation details. This email is personalised for the contact with their name, appointment specifics and includes attachments for the contact (location details and first appointment overview documents)

bullet-point.png Automatically send SMS appointment reminder 24 hours prior to appointments (activity note record of the reminder being sent is also created)

bullet-point.png Create tasks to follow-up when a current client has not purchased within a pre-defined timeframe

bullet-point.png Create tasks when a new opportunity is generated and/or the sales stage changes - this enables sales staff to be easily directed to complete a series of tasks for particular opportunities

bullet-point.png Generate email alert given certain circumstances such as a sales opportunity having no activity or a user making a change to a sensitive data field

bullet-point.png Update a database record given a set criteria - for example, re-assign a customer service record to a manger if it is of a particular type and has not been resolved in a required timeframe

Currently the engine supports the following functions to be initiated:

bullet-point.png Create activity note

bullet-point.png Create task

bullet-point.png Create appointment

bullet-point.png Assign/remove keyword

bullet-point.png Send email

bullet-point.png Send SMS

bullet-point.png Update database record

bullet-point.png Execute SQL query

bullet-point.png Launch external applications (supports use by developers and invoking other applications)

Please contact us for more information about the possibility of implementing our workflow engine for your Legrand CRM installation.

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