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SMS for Legrand CRM

sms.jpgSMS for Legrand CRM is a module we have developed by ABA to support sending SMS messages to your CRM contacts and users.

A simply, fast and cost effective SMS sending solution that works directly from your Legrand CRM database

The module offers two key means of sending SMS messages;

bullet-point.png General contact SMS - ability to send personalised SMS messages to contacts in individually or in bulk. Start sending special offers, promotions or alerts to contact lists based on keyword assignment within Legrand CRM

bullet-point.png Trigger based SMS - setup personalised SMS messages that are sent automatically. Examples include appointment reminders, new order confirmations and "we miss you" message (no sales from a customer in certain timeframe).


Running an SMS campaign is as easy as 123...

  1. Search for contacts by CRM keyword (or select an individual contact to SMS)

  2. Select an SMS template and send personalised SMS message(s)

  3. Receive replies by email, return text and view in CRM activity note logs

ABA_SMSforLegrandCRM_OnlineSendResults.pngKey Features

Key features at a glance...

  • CRM integration - integrated to Legrand CRM to easily send individual or bulk personalised SMS messages

  • Flexibility configuring both in and outbound SMS services
  • Spam compliance 
  • Reporting


More Features

Beyond SMS simply sending SMS further advanced features are also available including SMS long codes & keywords. Run competitions, give-aways, polls, promotions and more. Receive SMS and automatically add the sender to your database. Opt in people to subscriptions, auto reply to their texts and even process their messages for display on websites and large displays. Each long code is dedicated and all yours. You can also use it when you send campaigns to process responses. SMS long codes are an optional monthly account addition.

Would you like more information or a trial setup?

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