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Duplicate Find & Merge App

The duplicate removal tool is designed to ease the process of eradicating duplicate company and/or contact records. Despite the best efforts, duplication can be caused through any number of issues such as importing for multiple business systems with subtle differences in record names. Contact imports are a prevalent case where variation in name and/or city may result in a number of contacts for the same company being created against two company records rather than one.

Easily find and merge duplicate records within your CRM database. With a number of search and duplicate detection options combined with a simply merge process duplicate company or contact records are easily eradicated.

There are a number of challenges duplicate records present which this utility is designed to assist to overcome. Primarily, the process is extremely simple for first finding records that are possible duplicates then merging records confirmed by the user as duplicates.

The merge tool provides a simple user interface to find then merge duplicate records. The duplicate detection search is particularly valuable in that users can select any field and find records with non-unique values with in it (common examples include finding companies with the same phone number or contacts with the same email address).


Search for duplicate records based on any field (e.g. finding contacts with the same email address or companies with the same phone number).


Manually search for duplicate records based on specified criteria  


Merge duplicate contacts (especially when there are two or more records for the same contact with activity notes and other records linked to them, the merge process re-links all records back to a single contact then removes the duplicate)


Merge duplicate company records (especially useful where companies have been duplicated through import, duplicates have a number of contacts, rather than having to manually re-assign all contacts and dealing with issues like linking activity notes to the correct company, the merge process does all this)


Powerful data grid for manipulating company and contact listings including sort/group options, column selection and data export options

  • Check database for potential duplicates
    Check database for potential duplicates
  • Find duplicates based on a specific field - e.g. contacts with same email address
    Find duplicates based on a specific field - e.g. contacts with same email address
  • Easily select and merge records
    Easily select and merge records

Optional Mass Merge Module

In some rare case for various reasons we have come across clients with large numbers of duplicate records. The most common instance is a result of data import or conversion from other systems. To facilitate this the merge utility includes a mass merge function to facilitate the fast merging of any number of duplicate records in a consolidated process. 

Extension Solutions

Free Trial Available

Try this utility for free on your own database. Contact us to request installation details.

Purchase Information

Our find and merge duplicate app is very popular for Legrand CRM customers around the world. The app is available on an annual subscription license. The license includes unlimited site use and installation meaning it can be installed on as many computers as required and any number of records can be merged.

A buy now option is available through PayPal. Once your order is processed we will forward download link and activation code. Included in the purchase price is a 20 minute GoToMeeting introduction session to assist with getting started. The annual subscription license is $550 AUD when purchasing online (save $100).

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