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Customer Service, Job and Project Management

The customer service of Legrand is an optional modules of the package. Often renamed and referred to as the jobs or project management module. Simply, it enables businesses to facilitate customer service, job and/or project functions from within a central contact management system. Be it more simple customer issue tracking or detailed project management, Legrand CRM represents a feature rich contact management solution with these embedded features sets.

Through document linking, users can utilised the central CRM functionality Legrand provides whilst also using other software tools such as Ms Project. Simply link the Legrand job/project to the relevant MS Project file.

As a general introduction to the functions of this module, it is designed to provide users with functionality relating to the creation and definition of a particular issue/job/project which is assigned a ticket number, tracking correspondence (activity notes), calendar events and tasks related to the resolution of the issue followed by the issue being closed off.

Each record can be maintained individually tracking details such as status. From an administrative viewpoint, reports can also be easily produced on open and/or closed jobs for specific reporting such as time taken to complete.

Of course, being embedded in the central CRM enables users to look at a company or contact record and instantly see the status of open jobs/projects and a history of completed.

Examples of business/industries utilising Legrand CRM's customer service module include;

bullet-point.png Telephone Support and Helpdesk

bullet-point.png  Workshop or service centre Repairs

bullet-point.png  Project management groups (e.g. engineering firms)

bullet-point.png  On-site service calls

A summary of features include;

bullet-point.png  Flexible & customisable application - Almost all fields including the name of the module is user definable (i.e. it can be labelled to suit the terminology and application within your business)

bullet-point.png  Ticket Numbering - Automated ticket or job number generation (starting number can be defined by administrator)

bullet-point.png  Issue/Job Priority - Priority manager and instant view of days the issue has been open. Additional user fields can also be used to classify and priorities jobs

bullet-point.png  Assignment Management - Each issue or job is assigned to an account manager. In addition additional works or tasks can also be record against the job and assigned to other people within your organisation. The effect of this is that all works associated with the issue/job can be easily managed is visible both while the job/issue is current but also for retrospective reporting or analysis.

bullet-point.png  Timer function – useful if job is on paid per hour basis or equally for internal time management functions

bullet-point.png  Data integrity and job/project change tracking - Audit trail of whom the issue of job is assigned to, when it was created, what activities have (or have not) happened in association with it as well as when it was last updated

bullet-point.png  Centralised management and view of the status of a job/issue - ability to track all work relating to the issue including calendar events, activity notes (phone calls, emails and letters) as well as associated tasks

bullet-point.png  Reporting & analysis - quick and easy reporting to see at a glance job status, current, close and overdue jobs, jobs assigned to staff members. Equal reporting functions on closed off jobs (which can be reopened if required). This allows for retrospective analysis of issues or jobs

bullet-point.png  Company & contact view of associated issues/jobs - company and contact view of issues or jobs related to them allowing users to see history relating to a particular contact or company

bullet-point.png  Link to product purchased (via item tracking module) - Ability to link issue or job to a product (via the item tracking module) which enables issues or jobs such as warranty or repair on a part to be tracked back to an specific product. Retrospectively, issue or job history for a particular item can be explored.

The module is designed on a basic premise: optimise customer service and satisfaction and increase profitability. In addition this module provides businesses with a practical an inexpensive customer service solution which is inbuilt to the contact management system.

A Ticket Number is automatically assigned when a new Customer Service issue is created. In addition to the Summary, Description and response fields there are 5 user-modifiable data fields that are available to classify & categorise this Service Issue. A Timer field can be used to track the total amount of time spent on the Customer Service issue.

Legrand CRM automatically creates an activity record when a Customer Service issue is opened, closed, re-opened or re-assigned to another staff member. Re-assigning a service issue to another staff member automatically triggers an email to that staff member to alert them that a service issue has been assigned to them.

Tasks, Calendar Events and Activity Notes are easily cross-linked to a Customer Service issue. What this means is that a detailed audit trail is created detailing how a particular issue is dealt with.

When looking at the Customer account in the company view you see an immediate overview of all the Customer Service issues that have been lodged by that particular customer and what the status of every issue is. Your sales people will no longer run into surprise confrontations when making a sales call to a customer, only to find out that this customer has unresolved issues.