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Calendar & Scheduling

Legrand CRM has extensive functions relating to managing appointments, group/team calendar management as well as resource scheduling.

Some of the scheduling features include;

Create & manage calendar events

Legrand CRM includes a full shared calendar system. Users can create appointments for themselves or another user. Appointments can also have multiple staff and contact participants.

Customisable view & reporting

Users are flexible in the ability to specify the layout and colours of their calendar. In addition users can specify which other users events they would like displayed on the screen.

Appointment history

Generally calendar events will be linked to a contact within the database. This enables users to review calendar history when a contact is displayed.

Link appointments to other modules

Calendar events within Legrand can be linked to marketing events/campaigns, opportunities and/or customer service issues. This enables users to monitor the works directed towards these and retrospectively report on the level of input against effectiveness.

Outlook integration

Calendar events (as with tasks and contacts) can easily be transfer to and from MS Outlook. Users can imports calendar events for their Outlook file or transfer events into Outlook. This can be done on a record-by-record basis or in mass. An screen shot of the export to Outlook functions is displayed below.


Automated Export of Calendar Events to Outlook/Exchange

We also have a solution that supports the automated generation of appointments from Legrand into Microsoft Exchange calendars. This fully automates appointments being extracted to Outlook and through which presents a powerful solution for organisations with a mobile sales or service team in particular as appointments can be seamlessly transferred to mobile devices. More information is avaliable here.

Resource scheduling

Appointments can also be setup to use resources. This enables the management and scheduling of resources.

Common resources include;

bullet-point.png Equipment (e.g. specialist machinery or a projector)
bullet-point.png Venues (e.g. board room or visitor car park)

bullet-point.png Vehicle (e.g. a delivery van or common work car)