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Web Capture

The web capture module of Legrand CRM provides the ability to integrate with your website. In essence an online enquiry form is configured to send an email which is formatted in such a way that Legrand can decipher it. The web capture module is used to receive the enquiry and process it into CRM.

LegrandCRM_SnapshoptIntro.jpgWhat does this achieve?

Website enquires generally generate an email sent to any number of people. Given this it is often difficult to know if the enquiry has been followed-up and, if it has, by who, what actions were taken. Even if you have some form of lead tracking system in place Legrand's web capture streamlines the process - checking for and creating new company/contact records (if an existing record match is not found), recording the enquiry and setting a follow-up task. 

Furthermore, with every web enquiry captured in CRM the data can also be used for reporting such as reviewing the number of leads received and conversion ratios.

Web capture processing

The processing of a web enquiry includes the following functions;

bullet-point.png A check for an existing company and contact record from the person who has made the enquiry with the option to create a new company and/or contact on the fly or alternatively link the enquiry to an existing contact record

bullet-point.png Creates activity note record of the enquiry

bullet-point.png Creates task to follow-up enquiry

bullet-point.png Optionally enables new sales opportunity generation

bullet-point.png Optionally enables contact keyword assignment and removal (can be used to support functions such as newsletter subscribe and unsubscribe)

Setup Guide

Below is some notes and an application note download link to provide details on the setup of Legrand CRM web capture for your organisation. This information can be provided to your website developer so provision the required setup (configure your website enquiry forms to send emails in a required format to a nominated email account).


Legrand CRM includes a mechanism we call web capture which enables emails to be sent to a dedicated email account in a specific format (i.e. website users fills in the form which sends an email to an email account that CRM checks). Below and attached is some details, please feel free to call or email to discuss further.

The CRM has a capacity to receive emails and process (i.e. receive an email from a web form and process by creating company/contact, recording enquiry and setting follow-up task).

The design to alleviate having to manually record web enquires into the CRM system and ensuring that enquiries are followed up. Process for setup involves having web enquiries go to a dedicated POP3 email account that the CRM uses. Emails also need to be in a specific format so Legrand CRM can understand and map the form fields.

Dedicated email account for receiving emails generated from online form (e.g. webforms(at)

Suggested setup
Web form sends email as presently setup simply for general notification. Second email is sent to the web forms email account. Importantly this account will only be used by Legrand and emails (web enquiries) sent to it will need to be in a format Legrand can decipher. Basic format of the email is plain text (i.e. not HTML formatted) with structure similar to the following example. The attached PDF has more details about requirements for the email format (e.g. Web Capture in first line of email and email subject) – these mechanisms are designed to avoid complication of spam emails. 

Web Capture Setup App Note