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External Data Display

The external data display utility is in essence based on a simple premise yet offers powerful functionality which can be quickly deployed for a wide variety of applications. The utility enables data from any ODBC data source to be accessible via Legrand CRM. In effect this presents a means to provide a means of integration between Legrand CRM and any other relevant database your organisation may operate. 

The utility is usually used via the configuration of custom menu options with Legrand. The menus being configured to launch a data display either with a static data listing or a dynamic listing based on a selected record.  CRM is usually the main operational system for referring to contact information, recording communications and other general contact functions. In most cases though CRM is only one of a number of systems used within an organisation. Whilst each system will have its own functions to perform, there is often a need to refer to another system for many operations.

Integrate your CRM database with your other business systems!
This utility enables custom menu options to be established within Legrand CRM that provides users access to data from any compliant data source. 

Perhaps best explained by exmaple, below is some cases of how this utlity has been leveraged by some of our clients;

 bullet-point.png Access accounting data transaction details - the first installation of this utiltiy was to make customer transactions details visible from within Legrand CRM. Users now have the ability to select the relevant custom menu option to open a listing showing sales invoices and product line items from their MYOB Exonet database.

The purpose: telemarketing staff in particular can access sales tranactions information from within CRM without having to manually login and lookup the customer account within the accounting system. Data also includes powerful search and filter functions making it easy to leverage the transaction data.

Watch a demonstration video

 bullet-point.png Access job/project financial details - use custom menu function to open listing of job costing transaction details from a financials system.

 bullet-point.png List help desk data - display a listing of customer help desk tickets directly from a specialist support system

bullet-point.png Display client investment summaries from fund management database - generate a listing of a client investment summary directly from a financial services database

bullet-point.png Show stock details and product availability for sales staff - list product availability by location for telemarketing operators to be able to advise potential client accordingly

Please feel free to contact us for information or an estimate on integrating Legrand CRM with your business systems.

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