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File Finder for Legrand CRM

A powerful addition to the ABA Utility Suite, the file finder is designed to provide users with a powerful mechanism to search for files attached to Legrand CRM activity notes. Once a search is performed users can simply double click a file to open.

Easily find any file attached to Legrand CRM. Powerful search options include file name, file type and link to database records such as contact and company as well as other modules such as opportunities and customer service.

The search includes standard parameter options such as;

bullet-point.png Activity note date range (includes easy predefined date ranges as well as manual date selection)

bullet-point.png File name and/or extension/type (e.g. PDF documents)

bullet-point.png Associated contact and/or company

bullet-point.png Module specific parameters (e.g. opportunity reference or job type)

As eluded to above, the utility includes module specific search functions such that users can search for files based on a link to campaigns, opportunities or customer service records. The module specific searches include the ability to search on module record reference number, status, summary and alike.