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Extend Legrand CRM/Exonet Integration

Legrand CRM includes out-of-the-box integration functions with MYOB Exonet. Your accounting system integrated with CRM offers a powerful combination. This page does not detail a specific utility or solution however for many clients we have deployed a range of customisations that extend the integration between these packages. Below is an outline of some functions types implemented for our clients.

If you would like to extend or customise the integration between Legrand CRM and Exonet please contact us to discuss further.

Automated Integration

In some cases there is a requirement to automate the integration between Exonet and Legrand CRM. This means data can be updated between the systems instantly in the background based on predefined rules. This saves having to manually update between the two databases and ensures information is always up-to-date. 

Import Additional Data or Custom Field Mapping

Whilst operating off common platforms the setup of each Exonet and Legrand CRM installation can vary immensely. As a result we have deployed a range of solutions that customise the integration between the two based on unique setups. Key examples include custom address field mapping, importing custom field data, mapping account manager links between Exo and Legrand as well as importing group values into user defined fields. These mappings can also be established permanently whereby if changed in one database, this change is reflected in the other.  

Tag customers based on product group sales

This is a simple utility available to enable customers in Legrand to be tagged with a keyword based on the product sales. For each product group a keyword can be assigned in Legrand to denote that the customer has purchase this type of product. These keywords can also be applied based on timeframe e.g. tag what product types a customer has purchased by year. Consider being able to find customers that brought products of group a last year but not this year then add all relevant contacts to a campaign list as part of a targeted marketing campaign. This simple solution offers powerful functions to leverage sales data within CRM.

Update CRM Records based on accounting data

A popular request amongst many of our clients, setting up automated functions that set a company status or grading based on accounting information. For example a customer may be automatically assigned as either an active or inactive customer based on their sales activity within Exonet. Similarly, a company may have a grading in CRM which is based on the spending values.

Set automated actions in CRM based on Exonet events

This includes being able to setup automatically generated tasks for users based on Exonet events/data. Examples include a new task for an account manager to call following a first order submitted by a client or an order being received over a specified value. Actions can also be triggered based on nil activity such as a task to call a customer with no sales in a specified period.

Intergrate Legrand CRM to multiple Exonet databases

It is not uncommon for businesses to operate multiple trading entities, each requiring a separate Exonet database. However if the entities have common customers it is usually preferable to have one CRM database. We have implemented support for Legrand CRM to link to multiple Exonet databases. This includes be able to create and update customer information (including custom field mappings) as well as the ability to list transaction details.

More Information

We have extensive experiencing deploying a range of customised soltions for our own clients as well as clients of other Legrand Solution partners. In addition our range of out-of-the-box utilities also enable a diverse array of additonal functions assocated with any Legrand CRM installation.

Contact us or your Legrand Soultion partner to discuss any customisation or development solutions. 

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