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Search Functions

Legrand CRM includes the ability to search on almost any field. There is three key ways to search within Legrand.

QuickList Search

Each module within Legrand CRM includes quick list search and filter options. This makes is easy to search on key fields such as a company or contact name.

The screenshot below shows an example of this within the companies module whereby users can search for records based on any of the key fields listed. Using the quick list search on company name makes it fast and simple to open a record when required.

Quick Search

The quick search function is available on almost every field within Legrand CRM. The function is accessed through a right-click on a field. Quick search will perform a search against all records based on the criteria entered for that field. Search options are based on the type of field selected (i.e. text, date, number or drop-down list).

Advanced Search

Advanced searching presents the most powerful search option whereby any number of search conditions can be specified. A typical example could be where all contacts who are on the newsletter mailing list and have an email address are extracted. Complex searches can also be saved for recall as required.

The example below demonstrates a search for all contacts with an email address, with a keyword tag assignment indicating they are a business owner and where their company is an active customer.