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Outlook Integration 

The design of Legrand CRM is such that it does not replace but works in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook.

The role of Legrand CRM is to be a central repository of all business information: company and contact data, sales opportunities, marketing activities, calendar and alike. Microsoft Outlook, on the other hand, may contain both personal data and fragments of business information, and will continue to be the email application of choice for most users. Legrand CRM makes it very easy for you to keep using Microsoft Outlook for email and for management of your personal tasks and calendar, while at the same time enabling you to transfer business data to and from Legrand CRM.

Users can quickly transfer contacts, calendar events and tasks to Outlook via a simple selection then using the right click function list to 'Transfer Selected to Outlook'. Similarly, data can be brought into either Legrand via the MS Outlook tab within Legrand which accesses to Outlook data of the local user or via the Legrand Outlook Addin which installs with Legrand, allowing user to transfer emails into their database directly from Outlook.

Specifically, Legrand CRM's ability to interact with Microsoft Outlook includes the following functionality:

bullet-point.png Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Legrand CRM, or from Legrand CRM to Outlook.

bullet-point.png Send emails from within Legrand CRM via Microsoft Outlook.

bullet-point.png Transfer selected emails from Outlook to Legrand CRM.

bullet-point.png Transfer Tasks from Legrand CRM to Outlook, and back.

bullet-point.pngTransfer Appointments from Legrand CRM to Outlook

For more information on how Legrand CRM integrates with MS Outlook and particularly how it can extend on your existing systems please feel free to contact us. We can provide over the phone answers to any queries as well as onsite or web demonstrations

Automate appointment export to MS Exchange

ABA have a server-side utility which automatically exports appointments created within Legrand CRM to the relevant user's MS Exchange calendar. This makes the appointment visible in MS Exchange calendar on PC's as well as mobile device empowering sites through automation particularly with a mobile sales/service team.

More information is available here.