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Product/Service Tracking

The item tracking module of Legrand CRM is one of the two optional modules of the package (the other being the customer service module). This optional module delivers the ability to keep track of 'items' (products and/or services) that have been sold to contact/company. Items can be a physical item or a service item. As with the other modules of Legrand it can be renamed to suit its applicability to your business be it for example selling computers or selling financial services and plans.

An 'item' record has many data fields where you can record such things as a serial number, purchase date, purchase price, warranty expiry date. You then have a further eight User fields to record additional information, plus some fields to record service information such as the service type and related purchase, cover and/or expiry dates.

The ability to re-name the data fields that are in the Item Tracking module provides for a very flexible system that can be utilised for many different purposes. Internally we use this module for tracking Legrand licence sales, serial numbers, purchase and software protection dates, optional modules and other specifics of an order.

We have clients in many industries that use this module for different functions including retailers, wholesalers, superannuation funds and financial planners. Some other potential applications include;

bullet-point.png  IT company - track hardware and software serial numbers, warranty dates, support contract date(s).

bullet-point.png  Tools and equipment - track what customers have purchased and when. Track serial numbers, warranty dates, service dates and alike.

bullet-point.png  Financial services - track plans, funds or similar attributes associated with a particular contact, organisation or household. This can be used for tracking account numbers, balances and the types of funds/accounts.

bullet-point.png  Membership - track membership specifics, joining dates, renewal dates, membership number and alike.

bullet-point.png  Electronics - track what customers have purchased and when. Use this information to send anniversary

bullet-point.png  Luxury goods - track what customers have purchased and when. Use this information to send anniversary 'Thank You' notes and perform targeted marketing campaigns.

bullet-point.png  Publisher - track subscriptions, renewal dates and membership levels.

bullet-point.png  Club - track memberships, renewal dates and membership levels.

bullet-point.png   Maintenance provider - track dates of next scheduled maintenance; e.g. for air-conditioning units, mobile phone sales/service, pools and alike

Using either the on-screen search functions or the search criteria feature of this module will allow you to be pro-active in converting your database of items sold into new opportunities, i.e. you could create a list of all contacts that have purchased a certain item or from a certain product category and offer the latest upgrade, or run a search on all support contracts or subscription dates that are about to expire in the next two months and offer renewal contracts.

Equally, when viewing a company/contact users are able to view a listing of 'items' purchased by them.