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Automated Calendar Export for MS Outlook/Exchange

This solution is designed for organisations operating Microsoft Exchange Server (either on your local server or in hosted environment such as Office 365). The app provides the ability to automatically export calendar events from Legrand through to the associated user's calendar.

A great set and leave solution for any organisation looking to automate CRM appointments being populated into Outlook calendars. Perfect especially for mobile sales and service teams.

For some organisations this simply bypasses the need for manual export of calendar events from Legrand to Exchange. For others it enables timely and automated export of events through to Exchange such that appointments are assessable on mobile devices (any device that support connection to a MS Exchange mailbox including iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry devices).

We developed this utility initially for a local site operating a telemarketing centre with sales reps out on the road. The utility enables them to create events within Legrand which are then downloaded to the rep's mobile device. The exported events include event details such as type and notes as well as additional information such as location and other contact/company details. The solution is now used by a wide range of sites particuarly with mobile sales and service staff.

We also operate this utility internally largely to automate Legrand calendar events being included in our personal Outlook calendars (which also include personal appointments thus providing a full calendar view for work and personal events - accessible via Outlook, mobile devices and/or Outlook Web Access). For our representatives working out of the office this means that an appointment made for them in our CRM database appears on their mobile devices within minutes irrespective  where ever they may be.

The solution is installed and configured on the same server as your CRM database. It can be configured to connect to either locally installed or hosted Exchange provided Exchange Web Services (EWS) is enabled. The utility is configured by way of mapping Exchange mailboxes to the relevant Legrand CRM user account subsequently any appointment generated in CRM for which that user is assigned or a participant, it will automatically be sent to their Exchange calendar.

For more information or to request a working trial of the utility feel free to contact us.

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