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Legrand CRM Web Edition provides mobile access to our CRM in realtime. The easy to use web interface can be accessed from virtually any web enabled device providing the ability for staff working remotely.

Typically it would be setup such that staff in the main office use Legrand CRM Desktop Edition and Web Edition is setup for remote access purposes.

Common examples would include mobile sales/service teams, remote offices and staff working from home.
Web Edition works on the same database as the Desktop Edition. For example, if a user in the Web Edition records meeting notes and sets follow-up actions for another staff member that is perhaps using the Desktop Edition, they will see these entries straight away.

Below is a quick summary of current development priorities for Web Edition. Please note this list may be subject to change.
•Outlook integration –ability to link an email from your local computer to Web Edition
•Ability to send emails and use personalisedtemplates
•Quotes module
•Customer service/jobs module

Please note Legrand CRM Corporate V6.0.19 or later is required.