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Advanced Import App

Our import solution provides an easy to use interface for a wide range of record types into Legrand CRM from CSV file (Excel). Designed to offer users flexibility, the interface provides various options for contact matching rules and supports import to all core fields.

This utility is extremely valuable to new sites particularly seeking to migrate information for other systems into Legrand CRM. Equally it presents a simple mechanism for existing clients to create records in bulk saving data entry time.

Need assistance migrating from another solution or importing other record types to Legrand CRM? Feel free to call or email us to discuss any requirements.

Current import functions include:

bullet-point.png Activity notes (communications history)



bullet-point.pngCust. Service / Jobs

bullet-point.pngAccounting integration links

bullet-point.pngItem tracking records

bullet-point.pngCompany & contact keyword assignments

bullet-point.pngOpportunity influencers

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