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eMailer is powerful online solution that enables the design, sending and full campaign reporting for email marketing. Specifically designed for use with Legrand CRM although eMailer can also operate independently.

Used in conjunction with Legrand CRM, eMailer provides all of the functionality of your CRM solution coupled with an integrated cloud email service (used for sending personalised emails to contact lists). This combined solution enables your organisation to utilise Legrand CRM to build and manage your customer database and eMailer to create, send and track emails.

eMailer provides leading online email marketing functionality, is cost effective and fully integrated with Legrand CRM

The system includes a wealth of functionality including integration to social media, stunning email template design features, automation functions as well as standard email list management (subscribe, unsubscribe and contact management).

Email design can begin with a blank template, use of one of the many standard templates enabled within your account, using our website emulator tool or importing a template.

The email editor can be readily used even if you do not have experience in email design. The editor includes the ability to drag-and-drop email items and easily edit items by double clicking into them. This is combined with preview functions that show how your email will look to recipients both on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Details reporting on each email send is available in real time. This includes an activity graph showing live updates on the email send. Summary indicators provide users with a quick update on the status of the send results. Extensive detail can also be extracted such as open locations, email clients and use of mobile vs desktop devices. Almost all report statistics are coupled with drill down abilities such as providing a list of all email recipients that click on a specific link.

Legrand CRM Integration
  • Ability to setup and maintain unlimited email lists. Most customers only operate one or two email lists – for example, a retail customer list and a wholesale/distributors list.
  • Maintain email lists in Legrand CRM. Each list is linked to a Legrand CRM keyword. Contacts can be subscribed to an email list by simply assigning the nominated keyword.
  • Target customers by mapping any contact or company fields to online email lists. Any Legrand CRM fields can be mapped into the email list for use with personalising emails and/or filtering contacts when sending. Possible applications include sending target email campaigns to contacts in specific industries or geographical areas. Email content can also be customised based on list data (for example, define a section of an email newsletter which appears for wholesale customers only).
  • Update contacts in CRM. Any contact changes in CRM are reflected in the online email system. No double entry or import/export processes are required. The background sync process seamlessly handles this.
  • Record of emails sent visible in Legrand CRM. Any emails sent are recorded into Legrand CRM as activity notes with a full HTML version of the email visible. This ensures staff that may not use the online email system can still see what emails have been sent to what contacts.
  • Record of contact unsubscribe visible in Legrand CRM. If a contact wishes to unsubscribe they can easily use the inbuilt unsubscribe function within the email system. For any contact that unsubscribes a record is visible in Legrand CRM.
  • Automatic background synchronisation of Legrand CRM and the online email platform. The sync between your offline Legrand CRM database and the online eMailer solution can be setup to automatically operate at predefined intervals with email alerts confirming the sync process has been completed.
Features Overview

Create / Edit Emails 
Create professional looking HTML emails with ease. Personalise, add content, insert your images and then target your customers based on their profiles. Emails can be easily copied for re-use and stored in customisable email folders. 

Click & Replace Wizard 
Creation of attention grabbing email brochures has never been easier with eMailer unique “Click & Replace” template wizard. Choose from an array of designer templates and simply click & replace content and images as required. Text versions are automatically created increasing your message deliverability.

Custom Email Design Flexibility 
Create a new campaign from scratch or upload a previously used email design. Our advanced editor allows you to customise email design with ease. You can easily toggle between your HTML and plain text option ensuring that you maximize your message delivery. 

Conditional Content 
A powerful feature in eMailer is the ability to conditionally show or hide a section of an email based on the profile of a contact. For example a generic email may be sent to all your email subscribers however one part of the email can be set to only show for a particular group of contacts.  

File Manager 
Upload images, PDFs, movie files or Word documents with the eMailer File Manager. Images are automatically optimised for the web along with the ability to link to larger versions that can be blown up to full size. PDF's and Word documents can be quickly linked to words or images allowing recipients to download the files with ease. All downloaded files are tracked allowing you to view which images were enlarged or PDFs viewed.

Emails can be personalised by inserting any database variable (first and last name, items purchased) into the body of the email, subject and from lines. This means that you can address 1,000 customers by their first name and even tell them exactly what their last purchase was, all within seconds.

Viral Marketing 
Increase your campaign response by inserting a "Send to a Friend" link. This is a great way to allow recipients to send your email to friends who might also be interested. You can also link your web registration forms within emails allowing new recipients to register for newsletters or enquire about your products and services.

Send Campaigns 
Simply select your campaign, choose your database and hit send! Your email is efficiently delivered at high speed through specialised email delivery servers. You can even schedule a series of campaigns to go out at specific intervals with reports being provided on the successful execution of each send.

Advanced Search Tools Help You Target 
eMailer search functions allow you to send to a specific recipient, your entire database, to new subscribers only or to subscribers who haven't yet received certain information.  You can also send to customers based on profiles, such as all customers who live on the coast and purchased within a particular month or to all double opt in recipients only.

Schedule Sends 
Emails can be scheduled for sending at any point in the future. Simply select the time you'd like the email sent and a report is delivered to you upon successful delivery of your email campaign.


Registration Forms 
Build your databases from website forms. Each database you create automatically creates web registration forms that can be used on websites, within emails or on Desktop computers as a quick and easy method of inputting data. Forms can be easily branded with logos, images and background colours. Web Forms are the ideal way to build customer lists through newsletter registration, contact us & enquiry forms and online surveys.

Manage Un-subscribers 
Recipients can unsubscribe from your database simply by entering their email address and choosing to remove themselves. You are provided with reporting detailing unsubscribed contacts and they are automatically placed into an unsubscribe folder allowing easy management. 

Previously un-subscribed contacts are also flagged and blocked when trying to re-upload providing peace of mind that you won't accidently resend information to previously unsubscribed members.

Manage Bounced (Undelivered) Emails 
eMailer provides bounce management alerting you to individual emails that were unable to be delivered. Bounces are flagged as permanent or temporary based on reasons for non-delivery.

Social Media Integration
Email sends can be optionally linked to social media including the ability to report on social sharing and updates associated with the send. Integration currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Reports & Statistical Results 
eMailer provides comprehensive reporting on all aspects of sent campaigns. This provides an understanding of your customer's actions and an insight to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Reports provide detailed information on the following from each email sent:

  • Number of emails received
  • Number of emails opened
  • Percentage of HTML to Plain text
  • Links clicked (Unique vs. Total)
  • Who actually clicked links
  • Click through rate as %
  • Forward to friend activity
  • Unsubscribes & bounced emails
  • Number of profile updates
  • Per domain/company send results
  • Mobile vs desktop email views

Full drill-down capabilities are included within the system and all statistical data can be downloaded into usable reports. Reports also detail total number of emails sent, number of databases, total number of new subscribers since last period and total number of unsubscribes.


eMailer administration section enables you to:

  • Add sub users for staff or contactors (such as your web developer or graphic designer)
  • Restrict access to specific areas such as databases or campaign creation for specific users
  • View history of account usage

Spam/Privacy  Compliance 
eMailer has a number of inbuilt features to make Spam Compliance simple and manageable.

  • Consent Confirm individuals consent with double opt-in functionality
  • Identify A facility to ensure accurate sender information is included at the bottom of all emails
  • Streamlined unsubscribe facility provides you with reports and methods to maintain clean lists even when managing on and offline databases


Online email benefits

A hosted/cloud based email solution is not a requirement for all sites. Legrand CRM desktop edition includes the ability to send personalised emails which can be used very effectively. The main benefits of a hosted email solution are;

  • Powerful reporting including open and click-through rates. See how many and which recipients have opened your email and/or clicked on specific links. 
  • Inbuilt email template designer with drag-and-drop toolbox. Email templates can be designed from scratch or based on a range of inbuilt samples. External templates can also be imported. Other key features of the email design functions are explored below.
  • Streamlined unsubscribe & bounced email management. The system will automatically catch bounced email addresses and provide a detailed report of failed addresses. The inbuilt unsubscribe function also manages any contacts who unsubscribe from your email list(s). 
  • Dedicated servers for email sending. Although emails are delivered from your nominated email address (as if you send them) this means your own mail server does not have to contend with sending potentially large volumes of emails.  
    Why is this important? Many internet service providers have caps on the number of emails you can send in a given timeframe. Once this is exceeded the ISP may simply not send additional emails until the timeframe is reset. Furthermore, many servers struggle to process large email sends in addition to their existing work load.
Why eMailer?

There is a wide range of email solutions available with varying functionality and cost. eMailer is based on a platform utilised by the leading online email solution provider in Australia & New Zealand. In comparison with some low cost overseas solutions, this platform was specifically selected based on features, performance, ability to establish an integrated solution with Legrand CRM and being a locally based solution.

A local solution (Australian based) has proven to be extremely beneficial as clients using overseas solutions often find their emails are frequently detected as potential spam emails particularly when sent to corporate networks.

eMailer offers an integrated solution to Legrand CRM clients. It removes the requirement to maintain a separate system and perform tedious and time consuming import/export processes or manually update both CRM and email databases.